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WORLD PREMIERE: Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland

MANCHESTER, UK, 15 of July - 7th of August

New modern adaptation of Carroll's Alice novels for a Manchester audience. Opens Manchester's New HOME outdoor theatre.
 Featuring classic anthems and catchy new songs.

Follow Alice down the rabbit hole in this joyful outdoor show for all the family.

This fresh adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s beloved story follows Alice and her little brother Lewis as they tumble into an alternative world full of magic and mayhem as Manchester turns to Madchester…

Simon Reade's Alice's adventures in Wonderland


Another chance to see Reade's adaptation of the first Alice novel, originally written for Bristol Old Vic in 2004. 

Boxtree Productions's Alice in Wonderland

VARIOUS LOCATIONS OUTDOORS, 17th of July - 22nd of August

Follow Boxtree Productions down the rabbit hole into a strange world of caterpillars, cards and tea parties. Join Alice as she tries to navigate this curious world of curious places and curious creatures but don't lose your head! 

The Wonderful World of Dissocia by Anthony Neilson

 play normally has an age restriction of 16 + or 18 +. Please check before you book! 


Weird, brutal and wonderful deconstruction of Carrollian tropes for adults by Scottish provocateur Anthony Neilson. 

Lisa Jones gets trapped in a surreal, off kilter world where she must search for a lost hour of her life. And Dissocia is a world both wonderous and horrifying in equal measure.  

L'enfant et les sortil├Ęges (The Child and the Spells) by Maurice Ravel

Maurice Ravel - L'Enfant et les Sortileges on Vimeo

Opera’s (specifically, French Opera’s) answer to Carroll’s Alice. 
a slightly moral tale about a petulant child who, after being scolded for not doing his homework, destroys several household objects and troubles several animals. When the child falls asleep, he is flung into a fantasy world where everything he’s troubled fights back.