Projects that I have completed or are works in progress

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 Alice film Opinion

As the name says. I give my opinions on Alice adaptations.

Down the Rabbit Hole Project

Gallumphing through Gamification | Musings & Mutterings

I look at Alice’s influence on cinema. Ongoing.  These started off as reviews but since 2020 have become more essay based. This project examines Carroll's Alice books and their influence on cinema, and covers a variety of genres, from mainstream fantasy features to arthouse cinema. 
Many of the films I have covered have been included in various Alice in Wonderland themed film festivals over the years (from LACMA's Alice and other lost girls in fantastic worlds, to Eyefilm Museum's Alice filmprogramme) and has taken into account films scholars and audiences alike see as carrollian. 

The project aims to answer the question "how do we know when work is influenced by Lewis carroll, what is a carrollian story or vibe?

The project also aims to create an informal "canon" of films that are in this genre. 

What is the Use of a Book Reviews

Is Trump Running a Red Queen Race?

Book reviews for novels in a  Alice vein. Considers books deemed carrollian by reading audiences, reviewers, and scholars. Ongoing. 

Script/Stage Reviews

Brain Pickings รข€“ The Alice in Wonderland Cookbook and ...

 Reviews of stage versions of  the Alice books.
Adrian Mitchell’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass