Upcoming film adaptations of Carroll's books (updated when there is news!)

NOTE: This list does not cover films using Carroll's characters only, so Come Away and Dorothy and Alice are not included.

This list comes with a massive disclaimer, some these film versions are in production or development, and so some in development stage could still get scrapped!

Sir John Tenniel | The Alice Wood Engravings | Discover Goldmark

A list of upcoming film works based on Carroll.

Based on the Alice books:

Alice Dos Anjos (Alice of the Angels)

Director: Daniel Leite Almeida

Country: Brazil

Status: Festival release on December 7th, streaming online on the 8th

Studios: ato3producoes

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

Runtime: 76 minutes

Carroll's Alice as relocated to the Brazilian outback. When little Alice sees an unusual black goat and follows it, she stumbles into a strange and brilliant world of wonders: a world that is also under threat from a local colonel. 

Alice Through the Looking

Director: Adam Donen

Country: UK

Status: Festival release on November 25th

Studios: 12 Battalion Productions

Social media: Instagram, facebook, twitter

Biting political satire and whimsy mesh together in this modern reinterpretation of Alice for adults. Set on the day of the infamous 2016 UK referendum on EU membership, Alice stumbles into an alternate London that is quite strange but oddly familiar... 

Alice and the Land that Wonders (Alice e il Paese che si meraviglia) 

Director: Giulia Grandinetti

Country: Italy

Status: Released in Italy on amazon Prime (but not elsewhere at the moment)

Studios: Nikada Film

Run time: 100 minutes

Social Media: Facebook

Experimental crowdfunded film, inspired by Carroll's books and based off a successful stage play. At her 18th birthday party, Alice finds she cannot cope with the pressures of becoming an adult and descends into a strange fantasy place that reflects her mental health and state of mind.

In the Land of Wonder (في أرض العجائب) 

Director: Nadine Khan (نادين خان) 

Country: Egypt, Sweden

Status: In pre production (as of August 2021) 

Studios: MAD productions, Anagram Sweden, Les Contes Modernes.

Runtime: 80 minutes estimated (via mandy.com

A modern adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Alice, transported to Cairo. When ten year old Alice sees the rabbit belonging to her magician father scramble out of the house carrying a watch, she's drawn into a bizarre city which vaguely resembles her home. 

Get Lost

Director: Daniela Amavia

Country: USA

Status: Filming (as of August 2021)

Studios: Patriot Pictures, Greca Entertainment

Social Media: Instagram

Grieving backpacker Alicia is lead into a strange nocturnal version of Budapest after following a young teenager. Currently unknown how Carroll based the film will be. 


Director: Ross Evans

Country: USA

Status: Script being written (as of January 2021) 

Studios: Netflix, Alloy Productions

Alice stumbles into a world of wonder at a music festival. Currently unknown how Carroll based the film will be. 

Based on the Hunting of the Snark

The Hunting of The Snark 

Director: Simon Davidson

Country: UK

Status: In Post Production (as of December 2020) 

Studios:  Imperious Films

Social Media: 


A crowdfunded adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic poem about a strange crew who get into an even stranger predicament when they try and hunt the mythical Snark. Includes references to Carroll's other work too. Premiere was set in 2020 but stalled due to coronavirus. 

Based on Sylvie and Bruno

Sylvie and Bruno and Sylvie and Bruno Concluded

Director: Michael Kostelnik

Status: Conceptual phase

Studios: ?

Runtime: ?

Very little about these films (currently at conceptual stage) is known. There is only one entry on IMDB:
Sylvie and her younger brother Bruno escape the repressed Victorian era to explore a world of fantasy and wonderment. 
 If they do make it to production, they would be the first ever adaptations of this notoriously tricky source material. Its currently unknown if the plot will include the real world strand as well as the Outland stories.